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"Poor Pym!" - Verne Meets Poe in Antarctica

My current interest in Antarctica led me to finally read The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, by Edgar Allan Poe, and its sequel An Antarctic Mystery, by Jules Verne.  (I am the biggest Vernian fangirl ever, so this duology sounded written for me.)  While in fairness I can only give Pym3 stars and its sequel 3.5 stars, together they were definitely worth the read, if you're into polar fiction, Poe, and/or Verne.
Pym is probably the least - or most? - Poe-like writing of his I've read.  Think "Treasure Island ends badly"...  Indeed, the plot starts out as a traditional sea story: boy runs away to sea, boy happened to pick a ship that was bound for adventure (or, in Poe fashion, terror).  The plot has a spontaneous quality to it, and when Arthur Pym eventually makes it to Antarctica, it seems rather like an accident or an aside.  You'll find several classic Poe moments - aka spooky stuff - throughout the book, but not as many as fans might hope for.

I was…