Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon - TBR Stack, October 2018

It's that time of year... Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon!

This bi-yearly event is one I look forward to with zest.  It's an excuse to take all Saturday to do my favorite thing. I'm starting late - 6 hours late - but that's ok, because this is just a fun marathon (and I like to get my sleep).

Without further ado, the lineup:

The Code of the Woosters / Wodehouse
Tales & Sketches / Hawthorne
Lord of the Flies / Golding
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea / Verne
Three Men in a Boat / Jerome
The Boy in the Mask / Gyles

This time, my goal is to not get bored or fatigued.  So I might just ditch the list and do a Sherlock Holmes marathon.  Or, pick random books I own that I haven't read. 


  1. I must participate sometime. It seems so much fun. Good luck and have fun!

    1. Thanks Brian! It's the easiest marathon ever, no prep required. :)

  2. i heard about it too late, but i probably wouldn't do it anyway, either that or i do it all the time...hahaha

    1. The next one is in April. :) I actually didn't read very much this time - too tired out from the week!

  3. I have often felt that if I could just be stranded on a deserted island with my TBR pile and chocolate-covered espresso beans, I could finally catch up. I wish I had the time to read 24 hours straight. I look forward to your reviews of your read a thon books.


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