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It's So Classic - A Tag!

Excited to be tagged by Hamlette from The Edge of the Precipice!  This tag is all about classics and originally from a blog called Rebellious Writing.

It's So Classic Tag


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1. What is one classic that hasn’t been made into a movie yet, but really needs to?
This was a recent Top Ten Tuesday...I stand by all my answers but will add one more:  Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev.  I rated this book very highly and feel it would appeal to anyone who enjoys costumes dramas, while offering a new perspective.  (We need more Russian literature adaptations in general.  Just sayin'!)

2. What draws you to classics?
It is hard to put a scientific answer to this, because I got into classics at a young age and they became a core part of my life.  If anything, I love them most of all for sentimental reasons.  Apart from that, it's the depth of the writing, the complexi…

Top Ten Character Friends

August is RACING by.  (I guess I say that every month.)  I've finished a couple of books over the weekend, but I don't know when I'll get to writing proper reviews.  Till then, here's a quick post for Top Ten Tuesday!

Characters I'd like to be best friends with, classics and otherwise:
Much from BBC's Robin Hood.  This guy gets a lot of flak from the other members of Robin's gang (and Robin himself), but it's not fair... he does pretty much all the cooking and worrying for everyone.  If we're friends, I'll help with the cooking (even though I don't like it) and back him up when they start picking on him.  Being my friend, he will be loyal to a fault, but also give me constructive criticism when I need it.
Miss Marple.  Poor Miss Marple... I just want to protect her from all the creepers and psychos she encounters (not that I am capable, heh).  She really needs a friend. Lucian Gregory from The Man Who Was Thursday.  Ok, maybe not friends, mo…

Reading Everything in August

No, that is not the title of a challenge...but it may as well be.  I'm up to my ears in books and it's wonderful.

I spent most of my July weekends working on a large volunteer project for a non-profit.  It was a beneficial experience, but more of a commitment than I realized.  Now that that's pretty much wrapped up, I can turn back to books.

Here's a quick list of what I'll be reading this month, at different levels of undivided attention and in no particular order:
1984 - George OrwellTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - Jules VerneMaster and Commander - Patrick O'Brian Drawn from Memory - Ernest Shepard (illustrator of the original Winnie the Pooh)Psalms (almost finished)Tesla biography (yes, still)Smart People Should Build Things and The War on Normal People - Andrew Yang Nostromo - Joseph ConradMoby-Dick - Herman MelvilleOther??  There's sure to be more. I probably mentioned before how many, many times I struggled to start Nostromo and stick with it. …