2014 Russian Lit Challenge

An addition to my previous post - the Russian Literature 2014 challenge hosted by o.  I will be reading Eugene Onegin plus 2-3 other books (probably The Brothers Karamazov, Memories of the Future, and/or In the First Circle).  Russian lit is a significant chunk of my reading list, so this is a very exciting challenge!


  1. Hee, hee! You were tempted too!

    I think In The First Circle is going to be one of my choices too. The Brothers Karamazov would be another choice but only if I have the time because I want to give it a thorough reading. Great minds think alike, huh? ;-)

    1. What a cool coincidence! :) Length is always a point of hesitation, though I so want to read Karamazov (I hear nothing but good things about it).


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