We vs. Me - Episode 1

In this pilot episode, I discuss my latest read, We - a dystopian classic novel by Russian author Yevgeny Zamyatin.


Emikomusic1 said…
This was a great podcast! I liked how you did more than just talk about the plot, characters, and sharing your opinion. It was really interesting when you talked about the writing style, such as the fact it is a combination of two distinctive styles and how the novel depicts two types of fear. Can't wait to hear more! :)
Marian H said…
Thanks, Emiko! My goal is to go somewhat in depth into these topics, and I'm glad to hear it was interesting. :)
Carol said…
Hi Marian, enjoyed listening to this. It was well done! I read 'We' earlier this year and didn't find it easy, probably due to the stream of consciousness style you mentioned. Glad I read it and I've often thought back over some of the things he said, especially the idea that technology was (not in his words but George Orwell's) like a genie let out of a bottle. Great thoughts. Thanks.

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