February Reviews - Lightning Round!

Tender Is the Night - F. Scott Fitzgerald - (no rating)
Biggest disappointment of the year so far; did not finish.

The Atlas of Beauty - Mihaela Noroc - 3 stars
An interesting library book.  Somewhat repetitive; would've 
preferred less social-political commentary.

Embers - Sándor Márai - 4 stars
Surprisingly great!  European history buffs will appreciate
 this ruminating novel.  Full review here.

Poetry of the First World War - ed. Marcus Clapham - 3 stars
Not an easy or pretty read, but a sobering one.  More thoughts here.

Moonflower - Jade Nicole Beals - 4 stars
 Poems of peace and introspection; this was a refreshing read.

Anthem - Ayn Rand - 2 stars
Great concept, so-so execution.  Full review here.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Truman Capote - 1 star
Writing style on point, story not my cuppa.  More thoughts here.

This has not been the month for in-depth, written reviews, and I'm feeling a bit sheepish about that.  Work has been so busy; I've gone from one big project to the next, which is great but takes a toll on the reading energies.  Here's to hoping March will be a little easier!


  1. I had the same result for Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise. Such high hopes, but halfway in, I had to put it away forever. I couldn't drag myself through it anymore. Such a bummer.

    1. Oh yes... that one, it took me two tries to get through it, and I can totally understand not finishing it. :)

  2. I am sooooo with you on Tender is the Night. Here's a link to my review: http://cleoclassical.blogspot.ca/2014/07/tender-is-night-by-f-scott-fitzgerald.html I believe I called it "drivel", lol!

    I have been sooo busy too and I feel very ashamed of myself. I'm literally crawling through Crime and Punishment. This is not my normal reading style but since there is no way to manufacture more than 24 hours in day, it will have to do for now. I do hope things change in this respect for both of us!

    1. Oh dear... sounds like it actually got *worse* further into it. Well, I'm a terrible completionist, but life is just too short to finish some books.

      I'm looking forward to your thoughts on C&P! I had started that once and plan on trying it again at some point.


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