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Robida's Fantastic Drawings of the "Twentieth Century"

On Monday, the podcast returns for Season 3!  I have quite a line-up planned, with plenty of variety, so stay tuned for that.

As a sneak peek - Monday's episode features two French authors: Jules Verne and Albert Robida. Both authors wrote futuristic, coming-of-age novels set in the 20th century.  I'll talk about their predictions in the episode, but for now, check out these illustrations by Robida:

An air-yacht

Robida vingtieme siecle p69 1
A floating casino

Robida vingtieme siecle p68 1
A house in the clouds

Robida vingtieme siecle p307 1
Dueling journalists

Robida vingtieme siecle p235 1
Taking the tube


  1. great imagination, there... i don't know if you've ever read any Stanislaw Lem? his illustrator was Daniel Mroz and the above drawings remind me very much of his... Lem's drawings also bear a resemblance... Lem's books are wonderful: he's the writer who wrote Solaris, that they've made a couple of films of...

    1. Not yet, but I think he's on my list. I need to dedicate some reading time to 20th century sci fi!


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